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Wheel wash

Wheel washing with wickham

Why is wheel washing important? 

Well the Highways act of 1980 section 137, 148, 149 and 161 all refer to the obstruction of the highway and is a legal requirement of vehicle owners and operators to ensure they don't cause disruption or hazards that may endanger other road users. 

As with any construction site, quarry, land fill, recycling centre or similar site, mud, dirt and debris is part of the daily operation of the site and is hard to avoid carrying this out onto the highway.

This is why Wickham have a range of wheel wash systems, suitable for tackling this issue head on. With a wheel wash system installed at your site exit, you can rest assured that the wheels of all vehicles exiting your site will be cleaned and free of dirt and debris before entering the highway.

We have various wheel wash systems available dependant on your on site requirements, from water-less, power-less or fully automated recycling spray systems. Take a look at our range below and if you have any questions regarding our wheel wash systems, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Dry Ramp Wheel Wash

Rumble Road

The Rumble Road wheel wash is available in 2 standard lengths, 16mtr's and 22mtr's depending on the length of your  vehicles. With its simple modular design, the system can be set up and dismantled within the hour. With no power or water, the system works by creating a rumble as the vehicle passes over the system. 

The simple angled steel design can be seen throughout the range and is effective in removing compacted dirt from within the wheel treads.

Drive Through Bath

The Drive Through Bath wheel wash has been the corner stone of the wheel washing industry for many years and can be seen in sites all over the world. Requiring no power and only an initial fill of water, this is the go to product for sites that might struggle with mains power and water or those after lower running costs. Much like other systems in our range, the angled steel design can be seen throughout the system and is designed to create a rumble as the vehicle passes through the body of water creating agitation.

Available as a completely surface mounted system or simply remove the ramps to inset the central bath for a clean, permanent install.

Bath Wheel Wash

Tornado Wheel Wash

Tornado Spray Wash

The Tornado wheel wash offers any site top performance with minimal maintenance and because of its complete surface mounted design, the ability to change the unit’s location with very little effort should your site change. 

With a 4mtr long wash platform, this ensures 1 complete wheel revolution ensuring a proper clean. Using the effective rumble road design, it is an essential feature throughout the Tornado system assisting in the removal or compacted dirt and debris within the wheels. With fully galvanised rumble grids and ramps as standard, it ensures the system can withstand rugged use day in day out whilst extending its overall lifespan.

Cyclone Spray Wash

The Cyclone wheel wash gets its name from the primary 'Cyclone' style tank which assists in effective settling of solids. With the inclusion of multiple baffle plates located within our secondary tank, silt is forced to settle quicker than it would naturally. This ensures the Cyclone wheel wash offers ultimate performance for those busy, high volume sites.

With more traffic and more mud, the Cyclone has a 6mtr long wash platform enabling a 2nd wheel revolution as the vehicle passes over. With fully galvanised ramps and grids throughout the system, you know its built for the job. 

Cyclone Wheel Wash

Cant quite find the right wheel washing solution your after above? Or are you looking for a complete custom wheel washing machine? Give us a call or let us know through our contact form and we will get in touch to discuss your requirement with you.  

With a history and speciality in complete bespoke wheel wash and under body wash systems we are confident that we can provide the perfect solution no matter what your requirement.