4mtr Tornado

Whipping up a storm...

The Tornado wheel wash system offers any site peak performance with minimal maintenance and due to its complete surface mounted design, the ability to change the unit’s location with very little effort should your site change. 

Using the tried and tested rumble road design, it is an essential feature throughout the Tornado system assisting in the removal or compacted dirt and debris within the wheels of the vehicle. Wickham have fully galvanised the rumble grids to ensure they are up to job of dealing with construction traffic day in day out without the unattractive flaking of paint. To ease maintenance and servicing, the central grids can be removed to allow easy access to the wash platform.

Where the Tornado packs its biggest punch is within its spray configuration throughout its 4mtr wash platform. With high volume, solid stream jets all focused directly at the wheel treads and under carriage, it ensures that all the water is focused in the right place. Jets located between the galvanised treads face toward the oncoming vehicle ensuring the water is hitting the face of the tyre and inner and outer wheel with a final undercarriage blast as the vehicle leaves. 

As standard, each system includes the following:

  • 4no. 3mtr Entry/Exit ramps for soft access and egress.
  • 1no. 4mtr Wash platform to allow 1 complete wheel revolution all complete with pipework and targeted spray pattern.
  • 2no. 2mtr High side screens for maximum water retention.
  • 1no. High volume surface mounted sump.
  • 1no. 16,000ltr 3 stage settlement tank.
  • Fully galvanised ramps and internal grids for improved longevity and visual appearance.
  • High performance submersible wash and waste pump for excellent performance in the toughest environments.
  • Ultrasonic entry sensor for automatic wash activation.
  • 1no. Control system.

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