10mtr Bath

Tried & Tested

The Bath has been the corner stone of the wheel washing industry and can be seen in sites all over the world. Requiring no power and only an initial fill of water, this is the go to product for sites that might struggle with mains power and water or those after lower running costs. The angled steel design can be seen throughout the range and is designed to create a rumble as the vehicle passes through the body of water.

Available as a completely surface mounted system or simply remove the ramps to inset the central bath for a clean, permanent install.

Each standard system consists of the following:

  • 4no. 4mtr Entry/Exit ramps for soft access and egress.
  • 1no. 10mtr central bath section.
  • Complete internal grid system.
  • Spacer bars for safety and added rigidity
  • All components in contact with the vehicles wheels are completely galvanised for improved longevity and visual appearance.

Another simple yet effective solution!

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