The Monsoon was one of the first wheel and under body wash systems on the market and can still be seen in operation at a wide variety of sites and industries all over the UK. The Monsoon offers any site the perfect permanent solution capable of dealing with a wide range of vehicles.

The Monsoon is the largest of the inset systems, offering heavy duty cleaning for the toughest conditions and can be designed to suit each customers requirements.

The spray configuration has a total of 76 high flow spray nozzles, 4 under body spray booms fitted with 58 spray nozzles designed to cut through built up dirt and contamination. The 2 spray booms are each fitted with 9 spray nozzles designed to clean the outer wheel and sill of the vehicle. Each spray boom oscillates automatically 40 times a minute through 90 degrees which ensures complete and effective coverage of the targeted.

The system comes complete with an insulated container which houses the water header tank, mechanical filter, pumps and control system and all associated fittings. Delivered completely piped and wired ready for installation, it enables relocation should the unit need to be moved in the future


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