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Date Posted: 20 November 2017

More Than Just Wheel Washing

Complete bespoke build for hotelier...

Wickham were contacted by a busy hotel situated close to Glasgow airport. Due to their location they received a large number of customers on a day to day basis often travelling out of the country.

One of the helpful services they would offer was for their customers to park and store their vehicle whilst they were away on holiday or business. During busy periods and for security reasons, the hotel would often utilize a secure overflow car park for the storage of vehicles. 

Due to ground conditions and the ever-changing Scottish weather, it was quite often difficult to avoid mud and dirt splashing up onto the customers vehicle and becoming dirty from the simple yet short journey to the overflow car park. An innocent enough situation, but not wanting to return the customers vehicle in a dirty condition, the hotel would jet wash down each vehicle prior to returning it to its owner.

On a quiet day this option is sustainable however during busier periods the Hotel may be returning upwards of around 80 vehicles per day to their owners. Jet washing each individual car now adds a serious demand on staff, time and the potential for a slow service. Not wanting to offer a poor service, the Hotel Director was keen to find a solution that could deal with the demand they had without taking too much valuable time.

Following a site meeting and consultation, it had been confirmed that the problem areas were the outer wheels, wheel arches, skirts and sills of the vehicle. The main areas where you would expect mud and dirt to build up when travelling over muddy ground.

Wickham decided to put together a complete bespoke solution that would meet all the customers’ requirements and ensured the system remained surface mounted should they decide to relocated the system around the site.

The system is activated via ultrasonic sensor which detects a vehicle approaching, this then activates the high-pressure pump set feeding 2 rotating cleaning heads. As the vehicle passes between the cleaning heads, all the problem areas are cleaned simultaneously by a high flow, high pressure spray pattern.

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