Jet Clense

Jet Clense

The Jet Clense is a best selling Wickham commercial vehicle wash. It reaches the parts that conventional washers cannot without damage from rotating brushes.

Designed to clean vehicles of all shapes and sizes up to 4.60m high and 2.90m wide, Jet Clense uses high pressure oscillating jets of water and dertergent to ensure ‘all over’ cleaning.

The jets are oscillated through an angle of 40° when washing the side of the vehicle and they are indexed to point towards front and rear of the vehicles at the start and finish of the cycle. The system achieves maximum coverage and effectiveness.

The two arches are installed in the wash area 2m further apart than the longest vehicles to be washed.

This plant uses a specially formulated cleaning chemical which is totally bio-degradable and is drawn into the pump from either the holding tank or barrel and mixed with the water to the correct dilution rate as it is used. Each arch of this plant is fitted with washing booms which automatically oscillate back and forth as the vehicle passes through the arch and index into the front and rear of the vehicle as it enters and leaves the arch. All automatic operations of the plant are controlled by induction loop sensors which detect the vehicle as it passes over it, these are installed in the ground adjacent to each arch. Traffic control lights are fitted to the rinse arch for driver control.

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